5 Things to Include on Your List for Your Wedding DJ

Preparing for a beautiful, tear-jerking wedding ceremony is only the beginning. An excellent welcome is just as critical. When making a wedding epic, it’s all about the guests’ impressions of your big day and how much fun they have throughout the reception.

Your DJ Sets the Vibe

Your party’s soundtrack is essential if you want a genuinely unforgettable night. Choosing the correct wedding djs in Raleigh North Carolina may make or break your big day, but remember that it takes two to tango, so make sure you explain your expectations to the DJ up front and in writing. Don’t rely just on your ear. You should tell your DJ five things to get the party started and keep it going strong.

Pronunciation of Names

Determine who will be the one to welcome the newlyweds and everyone else in the wedding party as they make their big entry. If you choose to go with a DJ for your wedding, you should provide them with a phonetic spelling of the names of everyone at the wedding party. This is especially important if there are any uncommon spellings on the guests’ first or last names.

Master of Ceremonies Option

Let your DJ know whether you’re okay with a lot of emceeing in addition to the introductions you make. If you don’t tell them not to, some of them will. If you opt to let your DJ emcee, tell them what you like and don’t like about their performance.

Is it ok for you to be the center of attention in a crowd? Are there some subjects or individuals to avoid? You may also inform your DJ of any strained relationships between members of your bridal party or family, such as divorces or other things that could cause awkwardness. So they can use the utmost care and sensitivity when interacting with those people and making announcements at your reception.

Traditional Wedding Music

It would be best if you informed the DJ of the music you’ve chosen for the significant events (such as the wedding party introduction, first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dances, cutting of the cake, bouquet, and garter toss, and the last song). Timing is also essential, not simply in terms of the day-of schedule and which songs to play and when. For instance, would you and your partner dance for the whole five minutes, or do you want the DJ to fade the music out after three minutes? These elements like wedding vinyl floor designs are essential for maximizing and highlighting crucial aspects of the event.

Playlist Option

It is advised that you specify song choices instead of simply providing a list of songs you would like to hear in general. Your cool receptions corporate party DJ can obtain a better idea of what additional songs, performers, or genres to play as a result of this. In this manner, it will establish the tone for the audience. The newlyweds’ birth years will also assist in choosing which songs are the most appropriate to play given their interests and preferences.

Off Limits Playlist

If your DJ is willing to take requests from your guests, you’ll want to establish a list of off-limits songs. This is something you’ll want to discuss with your DJ in advance. Make sure the DJ has room to take requests, but don’t be afraid to say no to songs you despise. Simply inform visitors who want certain tracks that the DJ does not currently have them on hand. It’s also a good note to specify whether particular songs, language (e.g., foul words), and volume levels are acceptable.


Planning ahead for the big day on what you want to happen on your big day is a huge factor for your wedding to be smooth sailing and successful. This is a one-time special event for your loved one that you will cherish until you grow old together. Consider these tips for a beautiful and spectacular wedding day.