Components of an Excellent Pet Boarding Facility

It should be no surprise that pet owners dread being separated from their animals, even on a planned and highly anticipated trip. Some pet owners try to organize their vacations around where their pet is permitted to go, but even this may be unpleasant for both pet and owner, and it can severely restrict travel alternatives. 

Boarding facilities for dogs, where they may get the attention and care they need to be happy and healthy while their owners are away, are the ideal alternative.

Attributes of a Top Boarding Facility for Pets

When selecting a dog boarding in Nashville for your pet, you are likely rather selective. This is perfectly appropriate since your pickiness will guarantee that all of your pet’s requirements are satisfied, allowing you to rest certain that they are secure, healthy, and content. Consider the following characteristics of a premier pet boarding facility:


Even pets who are very well cared for during their owner’s absence may still attempt to locate their owners due to their strong attachment. It is also crucial that the facility they are kept be completely safe, with solid run dividers, fences, and gates to prevent escapes by climbers, diggers, and jumpers. Cats should never be allowed to roam completely free in an open enclosure.


It is improbable that any pet could feel as secure and comfortable at a pet boarding facility as they do at home. However, some aspects of the facility might aid in maximizing comfort and security. This comprises sturdy partitions between cages or runs that provide pets with privacy, non-slip surfaces, and the absence of toxic chemicals, sharp items, and other hazards.


Any reputable boarding facility shall be devoid of accumulated filth, excrement, parasites, and unpleasant smells. This is accomplished by the use of stringent sanitation methods and strong disinfectants.

Medical Care

At all times, boarding facilities should provide exceptional health care for pets, including:

  • The facility may supply high-quality food for boarders, but it is common for you to be asked to provide your pet’s food to lessen the pain typically caused by dietary changes.
  • Idealistically, your pet won’t need medical treatment while you’re away, but it’s best to be safe than sorry. Some boarding facilities have a veterinarian and offer¬†
  • veterinary dentistry in Hermitage, Nashville on-site during regular business hours to offer required treatment for boarders.
  • All boarded animals must have vaccinations for dogs’ rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, and bordetella. Rabies panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and pneumonitis for cats.

If a pet in boarding is on a medication regimen, the facility must be able to deliver the prescription or any type of vet surgery as recommended. Consequently, boarding facilities may not accept dogs with serious medical conditions and programs for their safety and the protection of other boarded pets.


Some of the most prominent indicators of professionalism at a top boarding facility are staff members who are well dressed and genuinely interested in the dogs they care for. Also, a boarding contract that outlines the owner’s rights and the facility’s obligations is provided.


Verifying the qualities mentioned above of a top boarding facility is vital, but ultimately, you will know whether a facility is ideal for you and your pet. You will sense the staff’s genuine concern for dogs and their owners and know that their training and expertise enable them to give the highest quality care.