Crack in Windshield: How to Prevent Further Progression

Cracks and chips in your windshield are more than just an eyesore that affect the value of your vehicle. Windshields on modern vehicles are designed to shield you and your passengers in the event of an accident. The windshield is a crucial part of your automobile’s structural integrity. Although we can not prevent all windshield cracks, you can take care of your vehicle to minimize damage to the windshield and keep minor cracks from getting worse.

Ways to Stop Windshield Cracks

There are numerous ways to stop windshield cracks from spreading. When a little rock is kicked up by the vehicle in front of you, it might cause a star break at the point of impact. This crack may be tiny at first, but as it spreads out, it could hinder your visibility. Fortunately, several easy solutions can prevent a windshield crack from progressing.

Although specialists can repair windshield chips and cracks, auto owners can try a couple of methods to stop or slow down the progress. All you need are the right pieces of equipment and some effort.

Assess the Problem

The first step is to assess the crack. Is the damage severe or moderate? Is your line of sight obscuring your view? If a crack compromises your ability to drive safely, fix the damage immediately by taking your car to an auto glass repair company.

Try Windshield Repair Kit

When used correctly, windshield repair kits could fix small windshield cracks. However, most commercially available kits are of poor quality and produce substandard consequences. If you are certain in your abilities to repair auto glass, you may go on this route. However, if you want a windshield repair in Hamilton that will last long, it’s always better to let the specialists handle the job they’ve been trained to do.

Protect it Against Moisture

Windshields have a layer of polyvinyl butyral placed between two layers of laminated glass. The butyral could become contaminated and cloudy if the damage expands beyond the outer layer. When this occurs, you have no other choice except to replace the windshield. If your windshield has even the tiniest chip or crack, it is recommended to have it fixed as quickly as possible.

It would be more cost-effective later, and you would not jeopardize your safety. You can make an appointment or have your automobile windshield repair and replacement service provider come to you.

Get Expert Advice

It’s very important that you consult with a windshield repair specialist, as they possess the necessary knowledge, experience, skills, and resources to help temporarily repair your cracked windshield. They may be able to keep the cracks’ size and make them appear smaller than they should be. To get expert advice from a windshield technician, go to websites like and learn how to properly repair cracks in a car’s windshield.

Final Thoughts

Windshield cracks are dangerous and, if not addressed quickly, can lead to far more severe problems. If you follow our crack and chip prevention tips and still get one, always assess the condition and know your repair options. Better yet, call a windshield repair technician because when you opt for professional solutions, you can rest assured that your windshield remains in great hands.