Hearing Exams: What Are The Signs That You Need One?

How often should you have your hearing checked? Many of us have contemplated this question at some point in our lives. A hearing test is an important part of your comprehensive health exam. Hearing loss can result in social seclusion, depression, and a lower quality of life. Failure to manage hearing impairments may lead to auditory deprivation and a decreased possibility of acclimating to hearing aids. In the long run, this may lead to frustration at home and work and decreased interaction with friends and loved ones.

Signs You Need a Hearing Test

Because you may not know what a healthy ear should hear, diagnosing hearing loss can be tricky. If you have any of this manifestation, you should get into hearing consultations in Halifax.

You turn up the volume on the stereo or TV.

This one is easy to identify because it will be visible if you’ve turned up the volume on your devices. If this is a rare event, it could be due to the broadcast’s reduced output. However, if you need to increase the volume daily, this could be a symptom of an ear condition. You should seek medical assistance from a hearing health specialist in Nova Scotia, even if it’s just a wax buildup.

Difficulty understanding speech.

Sometimes all you need to do is ask someone to repeat themselves. However, if you find yourself doing this constantly, especially if you ask numerous people, it could be a symptom of hearing loss. Another red flag is difficulty understanding people when there is a lot of noise in the background. Another issue is consonant troubles.

Using your neck or body to hear.

If you have to turn your head or move your body to listen to something, you may have hearing loss in one ear. Cupping one’s ear to block outside sounds is also odd. Both of these measures may be advantageous in the short run. However, continued degeneration will certainly reach a point where treatment is no longer necessary.

Unanswered phone calls, doorbells, or alarms.

Hearing loss can manifest as an inability to hear specific pitches and tones. There are regular issues with missing phone calls, house guests, and items like car alarms. Hearing loss is most likely at the foundation of the problem if any of these become regular concerns. Similarly, if you can’t hear birdsong or other natural sounds on your daily walks, it could be due to an ear problem.

Conversations drain your energy.

Many patients, without realizing it, would strain to hear people during conversations. Leaning in closer, focusing on them rather than the noise around you, or reading their lips are some ways. Tiredness can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms, including hearing loss. An audiologist from clinics like seasidehearing.com can test for problems and help you solve them. So, if you have any other signs besides your tiredness, you should make an appointment.


A hearing test should not be a terrifying experience. While discovering that you’ve suffered hearing loss for a long time can be unpleasant, it’s always best to focus on dealing with it now rather than having an accident later. A qualified audiologist will professionally conduct your hearing test and ensure that you have all the knowledge and guidance you need to understand your condition and the extent of your hearing loss.