How to Keep Your Pet Healthy While Boarding

Pet owners know how difficult it may be to leave their animal companions behind when traveling. But it is sometimes unavoidable. Leaving a senior cat behind can be more difficult since they need special attention. Fortunately, with enough thought and preparation, you can keep your cat healthy while you are away. This post will review some suggestions for keeping your pet healthy while boarding.

Boarding Facility Qualities to Look For

Researching boarding facilities is crucial before deciding on one for your older cat. Boarding facilities are different, and some may not be appropriate for your cat’s needs. Here are some considerations when choosing a boarding facility:


Look for a boarding facility that has prior experience with senior cats care. They must be capable of giving your cat the required care and be familiar with age-related health problems.


Find out how many employees are on duty at any one time. Individual attention and care for your cat should be provided, and there should be enough employees to do so.


The pet boarding facility should be clean, comfortable, and secure. It should also include separate locations for cats to play, eat, and sleep.

Medical Care

Check to verify if the facility has a veterinarian on call in case of an emergency. You should also give them your cat’s medical history and your veterinarian’s contact information.

How to Prepare My Cat for Boarding

There are things you can do before dropping off your senior cat at the boarding facility to prepare them for their stay.


Ensure your cat has received all its vaccinations, including the feline distemper and rabies shots.


If your cat is on any medications, ensure the boarding facility has detailed instructions on how and when to give them.


Bring objects from home that are familiar to them, such as their bed, comforter, or favorite toy. This will give them comfort and help them feel more at ease.


Provide your cat’s usual food and feeding schedule to the boarding facility. This will help them maintain their routine and avoid digestive problems.

What Should I Do During My Cat’s Stay?

If you plan on boarding your senior cat, there are several things you can do to ensure their safety and well-being.


Check up with the facility through phone or email to see how your cat is doing. This will assure you and allow you to resolve any problems as soon as possible.


If your cat’s health changes, such as an unexpected illness or accident, notify the facility as soon as possible.


Request that the facility keep your cat’s schedule as regular as possible. This includes feeding, playtime, and sleep schedules.


Senior cats require exercise to be healthy. As long as your cat is healthy enough to participate, request that the facility give your cat common workouts such as playtime or walks.

Things to Do When You Bring Your Cat Home

There are things you should do when picking up your senior cat from the boarding facility.

  1. Check: Examine your cat’s condition to ensure that they are healthy and happy.
  2. Medications: Ensure that you collect any remaining medications and instructions from the facility.
  3. Communication: Discuss your cat’s stay with the staff, any concerns that happened, and any comments you have.
  4. Homecoming: Allow your cat some time to adjust when you arrive home. Give them plenty of water, food, and more attention and love.

Final Thoughts

Leaving your senior cat at a boarding facility can be stressful. However, with proper planning and care, you can keep your cat healthy and happy during their stay. Remember to research when choosing a facility, prepare your cat for its stay, and communicate with the facility throughout your stay. The following guidelines can give you assurance your elderly cat gets the best treatment when you’re away.