Should You Buy a Pet Wellness Plan Even if Your Pet Is Healthy?

Having a pet can bring so much happiness, but it also comes with the responsibility of caring for their well-being. A pet wellness plan is an investment that safeguards you against unexpected veterinary costs. It can also help ensure your pet remains healthy throughout its lifetime.

But should you buy a pet wellness plan even if your furry friend is currently in good health? Find out why you should.

What are the advantages of a pet wellness plan?

Here’s why you should get a pet wellness plan as early as now, even if your pet is healthy:

1. Prevention

The goal of any pet wellness plan is to provide preventive care, which includes vaccinations and regular check-ups. Vaccinations protect pets from common diseases and illnesses, while regular check-ups can help detect problems before they become major. Also, it helps protect your young pets by offering puppy & kitten vet care.

Remember that pets are naturally curious and can be exposed to various diseases, so it’s best to protect them early on.

2. Convenience

With a pet wellness plan, you don’t need to search for multiple vet clinics and compare prices and services. Instead, you are provided with a network of certified veterinarians who will provide the necessary care for your pet at discounted rates.

Here are the possible services included in a pet wellness plan for your reference:

  • Vaccinations and booster shots
  • Parasite/flea/ticks control
  • Heartworm control
  • Dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays
  • Nutritional counseling

3. Affordability

The cost of pet health care can add up quickly. One visit to the vet for an unexpected illness or injury can be financially draining. A pet wellness plan helps spread out preventive care costs into manageable monthly payments.

The savings you get from buying a pet wellness plan usually more than covers the cost of the actual plan itself. This way, you only have to worry about one set payment each month rather than trying to afford numerous costly visits.

4. Discounts

Pet wellness plans often come with discounts on routine vet lab tests, visits, and medications. With a plan in place, you can save money on your pet’s yearly check-ups and any additional care it may need throughout its life.

Additionally, many plans offer pet food and supplies discounts, giving you even more savings.

5. Peace of Mind

The last but most important reason you should consider purchasing a pet wellness plan is peace of mind. Knowing your pet is receiving regular preventive care can help provide a sense of security for you and your pet.

Plus, if the unexpected happens, you know you have a plan to help cover some of the costs. You may check it out here to learn more about pet wellness plans.

Is a pet wellness plan expensive?

The cost of pet wellness plans varies depending on your pet’s age and the coverage you choose. But in general, it is an affordable way to help protect your pet’s health.

Here’s how:

  • Monthly payments. You can pay for a pet wellness plan monthly, making it more affordable. Without it, you would need to pay the entire amount upfront when your pet needs medical attention.
  • No deductibles or co-pays. Most plans don’t require out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles or co-payments.
  • Discounts. As mentioned, many plans offer discounts on vet visits, lab tests, and medications.
  • No hidden fees. Most plans include all the required services, so you won’t be hit with surprise costs down the line.

The Bottom Line

A pet wellness plan can provide you and your pet with peace of mind. It’s an investment that can save you from incurring costly vet bills in the long run.

So even if your pet is currently healthy, it’s still worth considering getting a pet wellness plan today. That way, you can be sure your furry friend receives the preventive care they need to stay healthy for many years.