What Are the Advantages of Having Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

Many people have had all or some of their wisdom teeth taken out. Usually, we’ve had them pulled because our dentist told us to. Maybe they came bent or put too much pressure on your jaw or the teeth next. If you’ve already had your wisdom teeth taken out, your dentist probably told you more than once that your new teeth wouldn’t fit. Even though this is true, there are many other reasons to have your wisdom teeth taken out.

What are the benefits of having your wisdom tooth extracted? 

We have made a list of the benefits of having wisdom tooth extractions so that you can learn more about this operation and the risks of not having your wisdom teeth taken care of.

Prevents Headaches

When the wisdom teeth come in at the end of adolescence, all other teeth are already fully grown and in place. When there is an insufficient area in the jaw for them, wisdom teeth try to push other teeth out of the way. Bad headaches can be caused by a lot of pressure on the teeth, which can be helped by taking out the wisdom teeth.

Prevents Tooth Shifting

When the wisdom teeth push on the other teeth, the bite line often gets jagged, or the teeth get out of place. Wisdom teeth can push other teeth into areas of the mouth that can’t be seen with the naked eye. If people don’t leave quickly, this change will only get worse. If you let your teeth move around for a long time, your orthodontist in Edmonton may suggest that you get braces or go through another procedure to straighten your teeth.

Reduced Probability of Periodontal Disease

As teeth move around in the mouth, reaching some spots with a toothbrush or dental floss may get harder. Microorganisms can hide in places where the spaces aren’t even or where they overlap. If you don’t get rid of these germs right away, they can cause gum disease, damage your teeth, and even tooth loss. Having your wisdom teeth taken out when your dentist tells you to can avoid Edmonton dental implants and lower your risk of getting gum disease.

Prevents Infection

As your wisdom teeth come in and push the other teeth out of the way, your mouth is more likely to get sick. The intense pressure may irritate the gums, bones, and teeth or expose them to germs that can cause cavities or tooth loss. Because of the pressure in your mouth, you might not notice that you have an infection right away. This makes it harder to treat. If you get rid of your wisdom teeth as soon as possible, you may be less likely to get a tooth infection.

Better Oral Hygiene

Cleaning around a partially erupted wisdom tooth is hard because you can only reach a small part of the tooth. When a wisdom tooth is fully out, it may be hard to clean because there isn’t much room around it. This makes it hard to get a toothbrush around both sides and floss between them. Patients who get wisdom teeth without feeling pain often have problems with their oral hygiene and don’t know about the damage until it hurts or a dentist notices it.


If you or someone in your family has wisdom teeth, or if your regular dentist has found them during an exam, call an oral surgeon to have them taken out. The sooner you get your wisdom teeth taken out, the sooner you can stop having problems with your teeth.